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Steven Odzer Discusses Using the Pandemic to Launch the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Steven Odzer Explores How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive During the Pandemic

The pandemic is causing a number of stores to close. It’s also causing businesses to re-think their business model. While it’s easy to lose hope, Steven Odzer discusses using Covid-19 to launch the entrepreneurial spirit.

Steven Odzer has been an entrepreneur for years. Based out of New York, he looks for opportunities in untapped industries. As a man who self-proclaims to think outside of the box, he even offers scholarships to college students who will go into entrepreneurial studies.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed lives and impacted many industries around the country. Steven Odzer explains that there are ways to feed the entrepreneurial spirit because of the new opportunities that are presenting themselves.

While some people would rather close their doors and assume that nothing can be done, Steven Odzer says that this is where entrepreneurs thrive. It’s about looking at where there is a need. Entrepreneurs may look at a particular situation and get an idea of how something can be done better or differently.

Steven OdzerOpportunities exist everywhere. Steven Odzer suggests that it’s about looking at situations in a new light. Going into stores isn’t always possible. What about deliveries, drive-thrus, and pickups? What kinds of new models can be created to get products to a customer safely during the pandemic?

There may also be new products that can be created. Each and every day, Steven Odzer identifies that he sees new products being promoted on social media. These products range from masks to door openers to cleaners. People want to live their lives in the most normal way possible – and new products can help with this.

Anyone has the ability to become an entrepreneur. Steven Odzer explains that it’s about choosing not to accept the status quo. For anyone who has ever said, “I wish that there was” and goes on to explain a product that would perform a particular task, they have the entrepreneurial spirit.

Steven Odzer recommends that people look into taking the idea and turning it into a reality. Some ideas are easier to launch than others. Steven Odzer suggests writing the idea down. Research to find out if such a product already exists. Then, look into making a prototype.

Those with lots of ideas can benefit from going to college. More universities around the country are adding entrepreneurial programs to their curriculum. As someone who has generated a number of ideas over the years, Steven Odzer believes it’s important to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Although Covid-19 has a negative connotation because of the health issues, it doesn’t have to be completely negative. Steven Odzer urges anyone with ideas on how to improve life to move forward with them. There are opportunities everywhere, and it’s all a matter of choosing to take advantage of them.

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