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Steven Odzer Shares 3 Ways to Make Your Business More Charitable

Steven Odzer is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been highly successful in the business realm. Although he has worked in a variety of industries, Steven Odzer’s dedication to leveraging his business acumen in helping the less fortunate has remained a constant throughout his career.

Steven Odzer believes in infusing the spirit of philanthropy in any business he is involved in helping. For companies who are seeking methods of being more charitable, take heed to the following tips:

Incentivize Volunteer Activities

As demonstrated by Steven Odzer, one of the top ways to make a company more charitable is to incentivize volunteer activities. In other words, promoting certain causes and volunteer opportunities, offering awards/rewards for participants, giving special consideration to especially charitable employees, etc., can help encourage all employees to participate in these activities.

Take on Causes that are Affecting the Area

Another method of making one’s company more charitable according to Steven Odzer is taking on causes that directly affect the area the business is located. For instance, if there is an earthquake, flood, or hurricane in the area, employees will be much more likely to want to be involved in charitable activities that respond to these causes.

Promote Mentorship

Lastly, Steven Odzer has also shown that promoting mentorship is an excellent method of making a business more charitable. By promoting a work environment in which new or younger employees are mentored by senior employees,it allows employees to learn the importance of being charitable. This is because senior employees will already be involved in charities, and they will be able to show and tell them how embracing philanthropy has helped them enrich their lives, while also helping them to climb the corporate ladder.

About Steven Odzer

Steven OdzerA successful entrepreneur who has experienced success in the business realm since he was 18, Steven Odzer kickstarted his first company in his parents’ basement. Impressively, Steven Odzer went on to be named the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000 in the area of distribution. Steven Odzer is known for providing donations and funding to both Jewish and non-Jewish causes for the majority of his career. Steven Odzer is known for being an immense supporter of Bris Avrohom, which is a non-profit that helps immigrants moving to the US from Russia. Steven Odzer continues to serve as a shining example for those who are interested in entrepreneurship and philanthropy alike.

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