Steven Odzer
Critical Role with COVID-19

Lifeguard Under Steven Odzer Proves a Critical Role with COVID-19

Steven Odzer has been many things in life, but as the CEO of Lifeguard, a major personal protective equipment and sanitizer supplier, he didn’t expect how profound an impact his business skills would be at protecting lives when he started. The COVID-19 pandemic caught everybody by surprise as it raced around the world in March 2020 from an outbreak originally started in the area of Wuhan, China. Since those early days, Lifeguard led by Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY has been critical in delivering hand sanitizer and protective materials for businesses, people, services, and medical care across the country, from New York City to Las Vegas, Nevada.


Applying Experience to the Present


Because of his lifelong tenure in logistics, Steven Odzer was quickly able to source and find sanitizing products for municipalities during the early months when normal supply chains through bigger chain store names were failing dramatically. That difference in itself likely saved live by simply making available the very simple products needed for personal protection and killing the COVID virus on surfaces and where hands touch before it had a chance to infect someone. While not perfect, masks and sanitizers have continued to be deemed essential by the federal Centers for Disease Control, and a key factor Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY reminds folks in blocking COVID from spreading faster.


Planning for the Long Haul


Steven Odzer is well aware that the virus isn’t going away anytime soon, even now with the presence of a vaccine. The country will be needing protection from various levels for months, maybe even the rest of 2021 before things get back to a recognizable level of normality. Lifeguard has positioned itself under Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY to be a primary PPE support resource for the long-term. provides an easy online platform for customers and new prospective consumers to obtain bulk hand sanitizer and PPE supplies easily, directly, and efficiently.


Looking at the Bigger Picture


Prior to 2020 even Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY never imagined playing a role in public health. Business was about creating and growing viable, profitable ventures and improving bottom-line results. However, once COVID hit the U.S. real-time, Steven Odzer realized the value of his logistic skills and networks to fill a gap as well as play an essential role for municipalities. Lifeguard continues to move sanitizing stock and PPE wherever the need is, especially now with additional variants of the COVID virus now developing and moving faster through populations.


Lifeguard hopefully won’t be needed forever for COVID prevention supplies and PPE support, and the world will eventually get back to functioning again normally until another pandemic arrives. However, Steven Odzer and the company will be there when needed since one thing is for sure – biology and nature never stop creating new challenges in public health, and sanitization will always be needed for safe community living as result.

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