Steven Odzer
The Cultural Significance of Israel

Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY Explains The Cultural Significance of Israel

Steven Odzer is a Jewish businessman who loves explaining to individuals the cultural significance of the land of Israel. Israel is known as the birthplace of the Jewish people and has deep cultural meanings for people of all cultures around the world. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it is a place that many people love to travel to experience history in itself. Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY states that Israel is the place where the first thousand years of recorded history were found and it is the birthplace of the Bible. It doesn’t require an expert to tell you the cultural impact of the Bible on the world itself.


Steven Odzer explains that the Israeli people have endured many hardships for thousands of years and is a testament to its people’s ability to persevere in the midst of hardships. The people of Israel were at one point forced into exile and even to this day face persecution for simply believing in what they believe in. However, the state of Israel was not formed until 1948. The Jewish people had something to rally behind once again as they lost their independence some 2,000 years earlier. Again, Israeli people continue to shine through the darkness that affects them to this day.


Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY explains that many people can sense this feeling of “holy energy” whenever they come to Israel. The land of Israel is such a holy place that many visit this land to feel the enlightenment of it all. Culturally, there is more than meets the eye to the modern-day society that inhabits Israel. Steven Odzer of Woodmere, NY says that modern-day Israeli culture is a melting pot of influences. You can find people from all over the world that call Israel home since it has become a state in 1948. Some people not native to Israel but now call it their home include people from Morocco, Brazil, Poland, Russia, and more. People from the east and west travel to Israel frequently to be a part of history. You will find Muslims and Christians both co-existing inside of Israel. it is truly a wonder to be had whenever you consider the dark history the land of Israel has faced over the years. Steven Odzer visits often and recommends that you take time to visit Israel too if you wish to feel enlightenment.

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