Steven Odzer
Tips for Improving the Product Distribution Process

Business Owner Steven Odzer Provides Tips for Improving the Product Distribution Process

Steven Odzer has provided advice on product distribution for years, knowing how critical it is for business success. Fully understanding his expertise and advice will make it easier for newer companies to avoid common errors that may end up costing them thousands of dollars in inefficient shipping and inadequate distribution plans.


Steven Odzer Suggests One Keyword for Improving Product Distribution

When it comes to product distribution, Steven Odzer focuses on one primary principle that can be boiled down into a single term: simplification. Too many companies try to complicate their process or don’t realize that they are making it too hard on themselves. The most successful companies strip their product distribution down as much as possible, many following Steven Odzer.


First of all, it is essential to focus on your channel dealers and narrow them down to as few as possible. While Steven Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY doesn’t think it is wise to bottleneck too much of your distribution – i.e., don’t have just one company helping you here – you shouldn’t have dozens of companies serving your channels. Steven Odzer suggests wisely cutting back to as few as your supplies can handle.


For instance, if you have a channel dealer for two types of products, Steven Odzer says it is okay to rely on them and not get secondary or even third dealers for these items. While you may want an emergency dealer on backup just in case something comes up, streamlining your approach helps to make it more useful and gives your company less of a struggle at the same time.


What happens if you start expanding into a new area? Then, Steven Odzer, you can open up with new channel dealers and start managing your inventory more reasonably. Don’t ignore the importance of tracking all of your sales! Know where each of your products ends up, how many get sold in a particular market, and whether or not your customers like the product or not.


Steven Odzer suggests daily examinations of this type of sales data to get an idea of where to send your products. For instance, if you find that one area buys very little of one item, you can limit how many you send there. There is no need to waste time and energy overstocking an area, Steven Odzer says if the residents near you don’t appreciate it and rarely buy it.


In this manner, Steven Odzer of Cedarhurst, NY says it is critical to focus on local markets. Buyers near you and your shop will end up buying most of your stock, so not only market heavily in these areas but also set up distribution chains that make sense. Truck-based shipping is a wise choice for local regions, Steven Odzer notes, but you may need trains and even planes for your more occasional long-distance shipping.

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