Steven Odzer

Steven Odzer Explores Entrepreneurial Scholarships for Students

Students of All Faiths Can Find Scholarships for Entrepreneurial Studies, Steven Odzer Explains

College is expensive. US News & World Report recently identified that the cost of college tuition is on the rise. For state colleges and universities, the average tuition is $11,260 while private universities average $41,426. Steven Odzer, an entrepreneur in the distribution industry, talks about the scholarships available that can help offset the costs.

Steven Odzer has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. He believes in promoting the entrepreneurial spirit as it is responsible for the latest innovation.

With more schools offering entrepreneurial studies as a major, Steven Odzer identifies the importance of pursuing the degree. It can ensure that students understand the concepts of creating a business plan, conducting market research, and understanding the elements of being successful.

Steven Odzer has wanted to help his community for years. It’s why he created the Stephen Odzer Scholarship Program. He wants to support both Jewish and non-Jewish causes.  The program gives out 20 scholarships, each valued at $1,000. High school students can apply by writing an essay on the biggest issue facing modern society.

Steven Odzer

The scholarship is just one of the many that students can apply for. Steven Odzer, who started his first company when he was 18, from his parents’ basement, believes that the entrepreneurial spirit should be supported. For those who cannot afford college or who don’t want to end up with student loans for years, there are countless scholarships.

Some are only for $500 while others can be worth $10,000 and even more. Steven Odzer recommends such scholarships as the Lance Surety’s College Scholarship, the Kitchen Cabinet Kings Entrepreneur Scholarship, and the Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Programme.

One thing that Steven Odzer recognizes that all of the scholarships have in common is the need to write an essay. In the world of business, he explains, being able to write and express one’s thoughts is of the utmost importance.

Students need to take action when they want to be an entrepreneur. Steven Odzer says that being an entrepreneur is about being a self-starter and having grit. He suggests that in order to develop those skills, it starts by sending out countless applications to the various organizations. Thousands of scholarships are out there, and many of them go unclaimed each year.

Getting a good education is critical, Steven Odzer explains. With more and more colleges focusing on ways to turn people into good entrepreneurs and more businesses offering internships, there are more opportunities than ever before.

Steven Odzer offers his scholarship on an annual basis and is currently accepting applications for Fall 2020. As for the other scholarships, he says that it never hurts to apply. Focus on writing a good essay and ensuring that the deadlines are closely adhered to. With enough scholarships, the cost of college is no longer overwhelming.

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