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Getting Involved While Socially Distancing: Philanthropist Steven Odzer Is Doing It Right

CEO and Philanthropist Steven Odzer’s Top Tips On Giving Back During The Pandemic

Giving back is more important than ever, and it’s key to do so safely. Steven Odzer, CEO of YBT Industries and a well-known philanthropist, shares his tips for getting involved with helping others while staying safe. 

Steven Odzer recommends considering volunteering virtually, especially if you have tech skills. Many businesses need help with fielding email requests, organizing digital information, and updating websites, according to Steven Odzer. If you’re able to work on these tasks, you may be a valuable asset to your favorite charity. Reach out to ask them if your skills could be of use. 

You’ll be able to make a huge difference from the safety of your own home, according to Steven Odzer. 

Steven OdzerIf you have disposable income and want to help those in need, Steven Odzer recommends reaching out to local charities to feel a connection. Many charities are lacking their regular funding due to contributors reducing their spending. Steven Odzer says that now, more than ever, charities can benefit from even small, regular gifts. 

If you prefer to donate physical items, talk with the organization you’d like to support and ask about the types of donations that would make the most sense for them, according to Steven Odzer. For organizations that keep people and animals safe, their needs often change with the seasons. 

Steven Odzer also recommends reaching out to organizations that help people who are especially vulnerable to the virus. Working with Meals on Wheels or other organizations that provide help to people who need it can provide people who can’t leave home with both a smiling face (from a distance) and the food they need to stay healthy. 

In addition to volunteering and making donations, Steven Odzer recommends getting active in your community. Call neighbors and ask if there’s anything you can do to help, especially if you have people in your community who are elderly or struggle with health problems that harm their immune systems. Steven Odzer also recommends taking a look at message boards on social media and neighborhood websites to find out who in your area needs help. 

Steven Odzer also stresses the importance of following guidelines. When you do your part, be socially distant, wear a mask, and respect state guidelines, you’re setting the example for the rest of your neighborhood. You never know, doing your part in your community to model safe behavior could save a life.

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